Expand your Horizons; Think Big In Work and Life

The human mind has limitless potential. There are dark recesses of the human brain that have yet to be explored, knowledge that is yet to be unearthed, potential that is yet to be tapped. It is an unending source of ideas and creativity that we each have at our disposal. So how can we incorporate all those ideas into our personal and professional lives?

The answer is fairly simple. Think big!

Every business is based on some ideology. It is the ideology that you need to focus upon. Think it over again and again, and then repeat. From your pool of ideas form an interconnected network where you can access each thought on individual basis to gauge its merits and test its reliability and soundness. We fail to do this purely due to peer pressure. Break those chains!

Think outside the box! Do not discard an idea simply because it may seem improbable. Remember, it’s always worth a shot. Life is a continuous learning process. Just as you would not want to stagnate the growth of your business, apply the same principal to yourself. Experiment; acquire new skills. A new skill set in turn leads to improved planning, implementation and the subsequent execution.


When thinking big, one needs to be careful that your feet are planted firmly on the ground and that your head is in the right place. There is a difference between probable reality and pure fantasy. You may allow your ideas to form the most obscure of tangents, but you need to re-
route and re-invert these tangents towards a focused goal.


Setting realistic goals is essential. There may be more than one way to skin the skin, however thinking big does not require pomp and ceremony. Keep it simple. Harness maximum productivity and profit from your ideas before moving on.

It is up to you how you wish to be treated. Be the kind of person that invokes positivity and you will find that in the form of helping colleagues and comrades you have lent your ideas wings.

The bigger the idea pool, the greater are the chances of success. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Do not fixate. Draw out your plans, but do it with a pencil.


That way you can always make improvements and corrections.
Believe in yourself. Believe in your ideas. Believe that there is a way and that you can find that way.

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